Our firm is here to serve you with our expertise and knowledge offering a wide range of business advisory, accounting and taxation services. We also provide business management, touring and royalty accounting for the music, media and entertainment sector.


Business Advisory

We are here to save you time and help you improve your business in this complex and demanding corporate world. Our aim is to give our clients more time to concentrate on their business by relieving them of the burdens of compliance and bureaucracy. We understand the pressures involved in running a business and are well-equipped to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. We understand that every client has different needs so we offer a wide range of services that will be personalised to suit your specific requirements. Our extensive experience in supporting a diverse range of clients means you have access to comprehensive and customised services including:

  • Strategic advice

  • Business development

  • Planning and forecasting

  • Specialist sector requirements

  • Preparation of reports to assist clients in raising finances


Bookkeeping and Management Reports

We provide regular bookkeeping services by using simple spreadsheets or more sophisticated accounting software packages so that the preparation of your financial accounts is seamless. We are experienced in overseeing all aspects of individuals and company needs from simple quarterly VAT Returns to PAYE and Management Accounting to full credit control, banking and cash-flows. By undertaking the role of your finance department, necessary and valuable information can be reported to you in time to solve problems and avoid unnecessary risks.

  • Submission of VAT Returns.

  • Management accounts

  • Implement accounting systems

Making Notes

Business Management

Business Management is essentially the burden of all the administration and paperwork.

As creative artists we believe you should not be bogged down with it, instead you need to focus on the development of new ventures which will bring success and growth for your business. We will handle all your day to day financial administration.

  • Set-up and monitoring bank accounts

  • Collecting income (fees, royalties and other income).

  • Management of the debtors and creditors

  • Prepare and monitor cash flow.

  • Management and performance reports.

Discussing the Numbers

Live Performance and Touring

From the initial budgeting of a tour, through to payments up to the finalising of tour accounts, we work closely with partners who provide complimentary services to ensure that your touring is a comfortable and profitable experience. Covering many other aspects such as insurance, contracts and tax planning

  • Liaise with booking agents, promoters and tour managers

  • Advice upon the structure of tour performance contracts

  • Tour budgeting, accounting and reporting



We can undertake to process royalties, review your income statements, and match them against your costs and advances to create new reports by examining the income and contracts to ensure that you are receiving your entitlement.

  • Analyse royalty statements

  • Compute and allocate share of royalties

  • Review recording and publishing contracts, ensuring appropriate business structures are set-up


Business Start-Up and Company Secretarial

When you set up a new business it’s usually because you’ve got the ideas, the desire and the passion for your venture.  For you to turn your dreams into reality help is at hand, we will guide you through all the legal aspects of forming your limited company or partnership. Where appropriate you will receive advice and assistance with changes to your business structure, ensuring the necessary records are maintained and the appropriate filings are made. You can concentrate on the development of your business; we’ll sort out the paperwork.

  • Business structures

  • Set-up of limited companies and limited liability partnerships

  • Provision of registered office and Company Secretary

  • Assist with appointments and resignations of directors and secretaries of the company

  • Preparation and maintenance of statutory records

  • Communication and correspondence with Companies House

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Whether individuals or partnerships, small or medium sized owner-managed companies our clients appreciate the benefits and take advantage of our professional accounting services augmented by specialist advice in areas such as business systems reviews, strategic planning and profit maximisation.  We will review the business performance, provide explanation of your accounts so that it helps you to meet your goals and plan for future.

Regardless of how your records are kept, we will process the data into the format required by regulators and ensure that the filing of accounts with Registrar of Companies and HM Revenue and Customs meets the deadlines.

  • Preparation of accounts for individuals and partnerships.

  • Statutory company accounts

  • Management accounts

  • Performance reports

Analyzing the data

Payroll services

Whether you are a Sole Trader, a Partnership, or a Limited Company, you will receive a personalised service from our dedicated payroll bureau providing you with a cost-efficient service to meet your day to day payroll requirements. You will no longer need to find the time to process the payroll and to worry about keeping up to date with changes in pay-related legislation.  We will do all of that for you and make sure that your records are appropriately maintained.

  • Real Time Information (RTI) submission to HM Revenue and Customs

  • Providing pay-slips for staff

  • Holiday and sick pay entitlements

  • Issuing of P45 for leavers

  • Preparation of P60s for your employees in each tax year

  • Inform clients about their tax liabilities and payments

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Taxation and VAT

We are prepared in dealing with tax and our knowledge in taxation will ensure you receive regular and relevant advice so you can be confident that your financial planning decisions are properly harnessed to tax efficiency. At Gap Consulting (UK) we keep up-to-date with the latest changes in tax legislation and aim to deliver tax strategies to our clients that minimise their tax burden and achieve business or family objectives. Our expertise means you will benefit from proactive guidance and effective services including;

Taxation Services

  • Corporation Tax

  • Personal Income Tax

  • Sole Trader and Partnership Tax

  • Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax

  • Employment Tax and Benefit in Kind (P11D)

  • Tax enquiries and investigations

  • Overseas withholding tax

  • Tax credits 


We provide a comprehensive VAT service which includes the following:

  • VAT Registration

  • Advising on suitable VAT schemes

  • Preparation and electronic filing of VAT returns

  • Dealing with VAT queries and attending inspections

Flexible Payment Planning